Monday, June 01, 2009

WCPC Task 2

Very cloudy this AM, but it burned off and we set a 42k task that went from launch towards Grants Pass (TP at Bald Hill) then to Rabies and then Jacksonville LZ.

It was really weak at the start, but a gaggle crossed to Rabies and grovelled hard, while we waited over Woodrat Mt for the climbs to get better. It seemed to work, because we got higher about 20 minutes later and crossed, and what was left of the first gaggle was starting to climb out, so we jump in on their climb.

We slowly got onto the high ground and once we got to Rabies peak, biggish clouds were setting up across the high ground and we were able to mash bar and really cover some ground toward the Bald Hill turnpoint.

We stopped for a climb and then hit the TP, and turned back. The clouds were backing off a bit which was surprising, because on the way out they were building fast and sucking hard, and it was OD'ing to the south. Once we hit the Rabies turnpoint, it was apparent that there was to be very little lift on the way to goal, so those who slowed down and topped out before the Rabies turnpoint had a good shot at goal.

A few gliders had enough height to get to goal, but without any lift it was a toss of the dice, and in the end, Farmer was the only one in goal. I landed 3.75 km short in a big field with 3 others gliders. Back on the course line, the clouds blew up and the task was stopped, but we got nominal time in (1.5 hours) so we should get it scored.

All in all it was a really challenging but very enjoyable task, especially when we realized that the clouds were sucking all along the high ground and we stopped turning and hit speedbar and climbed under the street for a couple kms...

We had a little thunder today, but so far it hasn't hailed like it did yesterday afternoon....



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