Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bright Open T2

We got in the second task in today.  It was shorter because stronger winds were forecast - but that didn't happen and so Craig Collings got around in under minimum time...  

I enjoyed the task today, it was shorter and we were getting higher so the transistions worked instead of sucked like yesterday.

Yesterday the End of speed section was 2k, today it was 1k, and that is why I thought the start cylinder was 1k instead of 2k, which goes to show that brain synapsis follow random patterns all the time....

Dave Wheeler says he has thought about putting rear view mirrors on his helmet, and I could have used some today, I left Gold Mine on glide for Clear Spot with 2 pilots in front of me, but if I had looked behind, I would have noticed that Geoff Wong and Heike's line from Gold Mine to Clearspot was way way better than mine, I arrived below the peak, they arrived 1600 meters above it.  I need to do neck stretches I guess.

Tomorrow is another day - stay tuned.  Scores are here.


Task One (I lost an entry, so Task One is posted here)

We got a task in today.  It was just like yesterday's task, except no one crashed, so we got to bash ourselves into lots of headwind around the mother of all zig zag course-lines.

The most memorable part of the course was coming back to Launch after the third turn point and getting stuck there for what seemed like an hour, yo-yo'ing around hoping the next thermal was stronge than the last and that we would get another chance to bash into the wind, and into the lee side of the next peak called Clearspot.

Only four into goal - Craig Collings, Andrew Horshner, Craig Donnell, Fred Gungle, in that order.   These guys were in the group that made the crazy dive into Clearspot early in the day, they surfed the spine up out of Baker's Gully and made it up onto Clearspot, we watched and just scratched our heads....  and then continued our yo-yo contest over Mystic...

 - stay tuned.



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