Tuesday, June 02, 2009

WCPC Day 3

The forecast was for nukular bomb clouds (thunderstorms) but I guess we have to try anyway?

It was a lot of fun surfing the front edge of a big cloud over Woodrat mountain for almost an hour, and then about 7 of us left for Rabies from 2k meters.

Rabies was not working, but it seemed there was a convergence over longsword and a gaggle got high there, but the sky was going nukular, and so the task was stopped with less than 1.5 hours into the task, so it won't be scored.

A few wings actually got on course, which was pretty amazing given the weird conditions (wind coming from Ruch in the LZ). Rumor has it that Matt Dadam made the Grants Pass turnpoint, and I just saw him 5 minutes ago, so he survived.

Just after the task was stopped, we heard thunder and it has been raining and gusting around HQ, the sky is completely dark now.

So we will try again tomorrow.




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