Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I was a big fish yesterday!

I was a big fish yesterday. Let me tell you how I know.

This morning, Heike and I went for a swim at Sarina Beach. We swam up the beach for about 10 minutes and then turned around and began to swim back. I was wearing swimming goggles and as soon as we started back, I saw a small fish right in front of my face. It was a handsome little fish, greenish yellow with black vertical stripes, and it's tail fin had black on both tips.

As I swam, this little fish was swimming with me, anywhere from right in front of my face to just under a meter in front of me, seemingly unfazed by my arms as I did a freestyle swim stroke. When I would stop, this little fish would stop and swim around my body, occasionally nibbling at my skin.

This went on for a full 10 minutes until I caught up with Heike and showed her my little cleaner fish, who I had named Remora.

I gave Heike my goggles, and she saw Remora who was now checking her out, but seemed to like my orange shorts better than her black swimsuit...

I fly back to Bright today, which is 4 hours from the ocean, so goodbye Sarina Beach, I will miss the full moons, fruit bats, mangoes, morning swims, and to Remora - thanks for making me feel like a big fish little buddy - take care and I hope you find a big fish to look after you...


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