Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Task Cancelled - 30/Jan/2008

Up on the East launch today we had light rain, bits of blue, tall clouds with a low base and a lot of standing around. They called off the day around noon.

There have been some interesting discussions as a result of the airspace penalties the day before yesterday. Enforcing airspace is pretty new in Oz, and it is not as easy as one might think. I think there are a few fundamental ingredients: Data collection issues (gps), rules and associated penalties, and software to do height analysis. The flight data program SeeYou is better than compgps for analysing time spent above a certain height, but the process is far from automated.

I was wondering what actually calculates the altitude that gets written to the IGC file, and apparently on some instruments you can select either satellite calculated altitude, or barometric altitude, and maybe even some calculated combination of the two. Since barometers are often manually calibrated, I would guess you could get quite a variation in what gets put in the IGC file and the pilots actual altitude - quite an interesting project to fairly enforce airspace in a comp.

Task 4 Results (3 pilots in goal):

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