Sunday, June 28, 2009


We have big inversions forecast for the first part of the week, and today was forecast to be like yesterday, which was pretty hard to go anywhere. So we set a task to try to satisfy our nominal distance and time but tried to make it achievable for the field which is mostly beginners.

The task committee worked really hard to achieve that end, and I thought we pulled it off, until I saw the scoring software came up with 24.1 km as our task distance (it calculates the shortest distance around the course), and nominal distance is 25km. We were seeing 29km on the GPS when we set the course. We had 15 in goal out of 62 pilots, and a lot of people came in just short of goal.

The task was:

Woodrat Launch
Woodrat Peak
Burnt Ridge
Fly Air
and Purcels as goal.

First 3 in goal: Bill Belcourt, Paul Murdoch, Brett Hardin. We got around the course in just under one hour, that only very slightly devalued the day, it was coming up short by 0.9 km for our task distance that knocked the top score down to 770 pts. But no one really cares as this comp is a training comp and NTSS means nothing here.

Mike and Gail really put on a fun comp, HQ is at their house and there are always tons of people hanging out here, BBQ is on, pool is cool, and there are lots of tutoring going on - they hold classes, and have an experienced mentor per 3 beginners, it is a really a good time and a good value too~

I lost my camera battery, so not many pics coming at you this week...

Results are here




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