Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A really quality task got set today, many more pilots got out on course, and the day was worth 929 points, highest scoring task yet.

The conditions were not quite as good as yesterday, but lots of lift sources in the launch, Burnt, and Rabies triangle. The course was:

Woodrat Lz, Exit 800 meters
Woodrat Launch 400m
Burnt 400m
Fly Air 1.5 km
Cemetary 1km
Donato's Goal

9 in goal, but not me today... I got goal fever and headed to Cemetary with just me and Bill Hughes in the lead. It got tough, and he survived and the rest caught up and they went to goal. Before the others caught us, I tried a different line and hit the dirt just after tagging Cemetary... Results will be here.

Tomorrow's forecast looks quite good, we could get a long task.

stay tuned



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