Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Corryong Task 3

Hazy Day, less clouds and no one makes goal.

# ID Type Radius Description
1 ell094 start 3000m ElliotLaunch
2 wal030 waypoint 4000m Walwa
3 tow040 waypoint 400m Towong
4 cor030 endspeed 1000m CorryongAir
5 cor030 goal 400m CorryongAir
Lets pretend that there wasn't a task on day two, ok? Good, lets move on to task 3....
Today the sky didn't look as good as yesterday, but a 63k task was set out to Walwa and back, which meant we had a wicked valley crossing right out of the gate. Start was at 2pm, but we didn't get high enough to start on time, and the first glide was a death glide... We got into Mt Mittamatite super low, below the south east spur ridge and kicking trees. Nice way to start the day - yesterday I sunk out on this same transistion, but today I flew a little smarter.

Most managed to claw out, and once high over Mittamatite, the race got better as we had lots of features to fly over. I have never flown that far north at Corryong, so it was nice to see new country... Several hours later we were coming back into Mt Elliot, but the day was late and the lift was already shutting down and no one got a climb where there should have been one, so we tried to find the best line and get as close to goal as possible. Results are here


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