Thursday, March 11, 2010

Task 3 - Bright Open

Finally, good conditions give us the best task of the comp!
Task 3:
# ID Type Radius Description
1 mys080 start (exit) 400m MysticTO
2 7P-100 speed (exit) 1000m GoldmineTwr
3 7S-100 waypoint (entry) 400m SmokoRidge
4 4D-020 waypoint (entry) 1000m HappyValley
5 6F-028 endspeed (entry) 400m PorepunkBridge
7 6L-028 goal (entry) 400m PorepunkAir
We launched from Mystic, making the day way easier than the long drive and hike to get to launch that we did yesterday. Blue sky and not much height to it, and the thermals were fairly weak, so we really had to shift gears and make good decisions.
The task was the perfect length - 58km, and took Geoff Wong 2:50 to complete. The crux was at the Happy Valley TP, it was very weak all around the TP, and I and a few others decided to cross the valley and hope for a climb on the ridge and then tag the TP, which was in the middle of the valley. The leaders gambled and most of them went directly to the TP and got it and were able to find climbs on the north ridge, but not everyone.

I had to scratch so low for so long, but I finally got back up and was drifting towards Myrtleford Hill, and because it always works, I deviated course and went for the sunny side on Myrtelford Hill, I found my best climb of the day, then got the TP, and flew over the scatchy part of the course. I caught up with Hamish, Benn and Jason T, and Benn and I found the highest climb of the day (1700m) and we flew to goal together, but we barely made it as it was getting late and the lift was really shutting down.

One day left to race, and then we head over for the Ozone Corryong Open! Results are here


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