Thursday, March 11, 2010

Task 4 - Bright Open

Good day, last day of the comp!
Task 4:
# ID Type Radius Description
1 mys080 start 400m MysticTO
2 7P-100 speed 1000m GoldmineTwr
3 7S-100 waypoint 400m SmokoRidge
4 lpy073 waypoint 400m LittlePyramid
5 5F-022 waypoint 400m Eurobin
6 7S-100 waypoint 400m SmokoRidge
7 6S-034 endspeed 1000m MysticLZ
8 6S-034 goal 400m MysticLZ

We launched from Mystic again today. The task was great, 62km. The day was a bit weird - really slow in places and really fast in others, a great day to know when to speed up and when to slow down.  Photo is of me, nice shot Hamish!

Today was the only day of the comp that I had a good start, but I lost the lead gaggle after the 2nd turnpoint - it is so easy to do on a weak day. Our up valley turnpoint made everyone decide if they were going to go up the left ridge or up the right ridge, and the right ridge (MT Porepunkah) was the faster way. I followed the lead gaggle around the left ridge and it was so weak and slow and painful until we crossed the valley at the Valley Homestead TP, and got over Mt Porepunkah, then it was fast until Lil Mystic where it was really painful, and then fast again. It wasn't a typically day.

Meredyth went with the second group which took the fast route and she made goal, nice way to end the comp!

Tonight is presentation night, free food and wine! Tomorrow we head over for a week of racing at the Ozone Corryong Open! Bright Open Results are here


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