Friday, March 12, 2010

Bright Open is Over

The 2010 Bright Open is over. Congratulations to the top 10 pilots:

1Felipe Rezende3327
2Geoff Wong3318
3Shane Hill3255
4Ivan Anissimov3112
5Dave Gibbs2878
6Andrew Horchner2873
7Benn Kovco2827
8JJ Bastion2675
9Paul Underwood2664
10Schuster Mirko2606

Here are some stats for the Comp. A successful comp in all metrics in my opinion.
Sunday is the first task of the Ozone Corryong Open! The weather is looking good and we are psyched.

Metric Value
Comp Days 7
Tasks Flown 4
Sum of Task Kms (flown) 225
Sum of task winners points 3621
Pilots in Comp 59
Local Pilots in Comp 3
Reserve Tosses 0
Number of Smiles 68724


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