Monday, October 27, 2008

Meltdown - Time to Drop Out?

I think it's pretty safe to say that the people responsible for the global economic meltdown don't give a shit - they are sipping cocktails on their mega-yachts anchored just off shore of their newly purchased private islands. One thought for you, I hope you step on a Scorpion fish!

On the bright side, it's a great time to take a vacation - the dollar is strong in places like Australia and Mexico. Beer is still twice as much in Oz as the US, but Australian wine is pretty cheap. Ok, we've covered the important stuff, like beer, wine and exchange rates, let's move onto to paragliding.

Important stuff first, does anyone have a Boom 5 (with the 2008 line set) they want to sell me? I'm kind of broke because I haven't had a job since October 2006, but I got a few dinero's. Second, does anyone want to buy my boom sport for cheap? How much you ask? Well that depends on the selling price of the Boom 5, of course...

Someone reading this probably muttered "get a job scumbag" and just so you know, I've been trying but the economy is in the tank - and most jobs suck anyway - I mean, who really loves their job? If you love your job, let me know what you do because I need some ideas.

I can't even get a shitty job. But that's ok, because shitty things happen at shitty jobs, like when I got the end of my finger chopped off in this piece of machinery on my 3rd day on the job in a factory a couple years ago...

Hey man, this is it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Olive Oil

The olive oil has gone cloudy - when this happens, it means the paragliding season is over.  Of course you can still fly here in Portland, but fall has arrived in a big way and the good flying has shifted to other parts of the world, like Oz.  

Speaking of Oz, the Canungra Cup just finished.  They had 5 tasks in the 8 day comp.  The conditions were challenging - really weak and cloudy and reports of flying in the rain even.  You can read more about the comp on Benn's Blog.

Stay Tuned, Stay Warm, and Stay Safe!