Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tweaking the Harness

I have been flying an impress II harness for about 3 years now and haven't been able to tip the nose down as far as I would like.

The adjustment located about mid-way down my back is the one that helps me sit more upright, thereby pushing the nose down. I have pulled the straps as tight as they possibly go, and this helps, but I need more.

So, I pulled the straps out of the buckles, and passed each through where the carabiner attaches to the harness, and this gives me heaps more room to pull the the mid-back part of the harness closer to the carabiners and this should help me sit more upright and push my feet down.

So if this is the last post you ever see on this blog, don't try this...

BTW, a couple days ago I had my first XC since April. The pic is flying back to Mt. Tamborine.