Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wet Summer and Jedi Mind Tricks

El Nino, global warming, green house gasses, something is happening in the southern hemishere, as this is the wettest summer I have seen in Bright. I rains all the time and water is running out of the ground...

It's great in a way, no fires, lots of water for the garden, and the cows are happy.

I haven't flown anywhere near as much as in past summers, but that don't matter, as each hour of airtime just builds on the last hour and there is always another level to take your flying to...

This year I have been thinking about thinking, rather, thinking about what I think about when flying, and what I've come up with is that I need to relax a lot more.

I think the best pilots make the best decisions and that's not happening if you are tense, not breathing smoothly, and generally feeling fearful.

So I have been imagining that I actually know what I'm doing up there, ok, I have to admit, I have been imagining that I am the best pilot in the world, (Chrigel Mauer, in my opinion) and then I imagine I fly as much as I want, and all over the world too, and I even get paid for it, and guess what, I start relaxing. And I have more fun and I stop thinking about throwing my reserve as much (it's all just a mind game anyway - who wants to play?... )